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Workin’ with My Homies at Loehr Chiro

by Megan Dolan

I’ll be honest, when my alarm goes off at 5:37 in the morning, I’m not exactly the most bright eyed and bushy tailed person off the bat. Usually, my first thought tends to be something along the lines of, “Just another hour (or 4) of sleep. Then, I would roll out of bed singing. (Not really with my voice, but you get my drift).” Since I’ve come to terms that my alarm clock may not change anytime soon, I’ve decided to focus on why rolling out of bed and getting to my workplace is still a pretty dang spectacular gig.

Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture not only has a well-balanced team to care for its patients, but we also care for one another — and have a little fun along the way!. After arriving at the office, here’s what my day looks like in-between caring for patients.

Convince Dr. Baca to make breakfast.

He may or may not suggest he’s made breakfast the last 23 times in a row, but he’s the finest chef in all the land of Loehr Chiro and wonderful food will be served every time!

Remember bad hair days can be solved by Dr. LaBrie.

That girl can turn any Medusa looking mess into locks like that of a Greek Goddess.

Try to avoid wearing shoes as much as Dr. Loehr allows me to get away with.

E-mail your boss the link which states employee satisfaction increases the less employees are forced to wear shoes. See? It’s true…. CLICK HERE to read the article.

Drink coffee. Better yet, drink Kelly’s coffee.

If you have ever been in our office (a.m. or p.m.) you will know who I’m talking about. Kelly Cook makes the best pot of coffee in the office.The girl that never stops dancing (or moving for that matter). So yea if I can, I drink Kelly’s coffee.

Get a back rub from Mollie Keller, LMT.

Is Mollie the massage therapist occupied? That’s fine, Adam Loehr is a solid choice. He’s grown up with sisters, so he also knows to agree with about anything I say. Good fella.

Need just the right touch of sarcasm and humor? Find Mollie (aka my twin) and Joetta.

You never know what’s going to come out of their mouths next, but I guarantee, they will leave you laughing or snorting every single time. If a story is really funny, wait for Joetta to start shaking her hands or wiggling as she tells you.

Persuade Dr. Loehr to let me be the Pandora DJ for the day or week or month.

Ask Kara about the most recent animal she rescued.

Need a little puppy love? Does that sad Sarah McLauglin commercial make you want to shed a tear? Kara will stop her car on a country road to make sure the turtle gets to other side and save every puppy she can along the way. You think I’m kidding…

Channel my inner yogi.

I never thought the day would come that I would do yoga. If you can do yoga on your lunch break, do it. If you’re looking for motivation in that department though, Caitlin Kissee is the guru. Without being too creepy, I recommend stalking her Facebook page and seeing some of what I think are impossible poses she’s conquered in some of the most beautiful places.

Chat with a princess.

Having a blah day? Jordan’s never fading smile will make you put your woes aside. She is our Disney princess after all.

Keep the mid-day hangry in check?

Thank the Lord that Jessica Simmerman ,the insurance genius and newest Loehr Chiro chick, has a secret drawer of sweets. Bless you lady.

Talk to the heart of gold, Mikayla.

Mikayla Atchison is always cheerful, giggling, and willing to help out as the little Loehr children look for food and someone to play with. 9/10 times, she is the person who will come up to me mid-week and let me now she is close to hitting 40 hours, but is more than happy to work every day following. She’s a gem.

Remember age is just a number.

Chandler Grega is the baby of the bunch, but you wouldn’t know it because she is more mature than many adults. The intelligence in that kid will make you wonder who the adult in the conversation is at times. To top it off, her mother sounds exactly like Ellen DeGeneres. Don’t believe me? Check out this link.


Brittany the marketing extraordinaire can not only keep our office growth on track, but if you hang around her long enough, her OCD tendencies might rub off on you.


Dr. Loehr is well known for his impeccable dance moves and making people happy. If you haven’t witnessed it yet, prepare to be amazed by clicking here to watch his dance moves. Yes. There are more videos where this came from.

Therefore, as you can see, it’s the small things that can help us get through the ever-hectic work day. If you’re sitting at your computer right now, I suggest if you take nothing else away from this, do as I do, kick your shoes off, send your boss the link, and keep your fingers crossed he doesn’t replace you (I kid, kind of). To read more about your team at Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture, CLICK HERE.